Raaka’s 60% coconut milk bar

Raaka Coconut Milk Chocolate Bar

This, my friends, is what milk chocolate tastes like when it’s all grown up.

The other day I posted about my latest obsession: dark milk chocolate. But it wouldn’t be fair to write a whole post about dark milk chocolate without giving credit to the chocolate bar that opened my eyes to all this deliciousness in the first place.

Ironically, the bar in question is dairy-free.

Raaka’s vegan 60% dark coconut milk chocolate bar blows my mind. The texture is just… indulgent. I won’t go into a long flavor soliloquy full of words like “floral” and “fruity,”

Raaka Coconut Milk Chocolate Bar

because, well, I’m not training to be a sommelier. The company thinks it tastes like strawberries (it’s certainly fruity, but, seriously… strawberry?). To avoid being obnoxious, let’s just say it tastes awesome.

Note that this rave review is coming from someone who, until recently, hadn’t bought a milk chocolate bar in, I don’t know… a decade?

Funny thing is I’ve actually been avoiding Raaka for years too. I bought one of their super dark bars back in 2012 and wasn’t impressed with the texture or strong vegetal taste (if you’ve ever tried unroasted bean — or “raw” — chocolate, you know it’s a bit of an acquired taste). It seems like Raaka has upgraded their production equipment since then and are now manufacturing some really refined, top-rate chocolate. I’m glad I gave the company another taste.

Also, I appreciate that Raaka has the integrity to market its bars as “virgin,” not “raw.” But I’ll save my diatribe about “raw” chocolate for another post.




4 thoughts on “Raaka’s 60% coconut milk bar

  1. I completely agree with you and resonate with your comments about “raw” when you said,

    “Also, I appreciate that Raaka has the integrity to market its bars as “virgin,” not “raw.” But I’ll save my diatribe about “raw” chocolate for another post.”

    I also want to rant and I grit my teeth when I read “raw” on a chocolate label. At the very least I always ask myself “Is this company just ignorant about cacao production processes, or are they being deliberately misleading to generate sales from uninformed people?” Neither alternative is good.

    Sadly, way too many companies try to hook the raw foodie crowd with their claims of being “raw”. As I’m sure you know, only unfermented cacao is truly raw because of the heat generated in fermentation. And I think that unfermented cacao seeds would probably taste pretty gross.

    I am also glad to see when companies have the integrity and intelligence to use the word “unroasted” instead of raw.

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    1. Haha thank you, you wrote my diatribe for me! I completely agree. “Raw” chocolate products are probably the result of a combination of ignorance and opportunism. I wonder though… if I were considering a raw food diet and somebody told me I could never eat any form of chocolate ever again, I’d be off that bandwagon in a heartbeat. Maybe there is a kind of unconscious, silent contract between manufacturers and those in the raw food community to keep the inconvenient truth about chocolate quiet out of willful denial or wishful thinking.

      I love your blog, btw!


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