About me

Amber Latner making chocolateHello fellow chocolate lovers. I’m Amber, the blogger behind Chocolate Disorder. I don’t work in the chocolate industry and am not a chocolate professional. I’m just a chocolate geek who loves to eat, talk about and play around with chocolate as much and as often as humanly possible.

I’ve been a chocoholic for well over a decade, but my formal chocolate education began in earnest in 2015 when I signed up for my first professional chocolatiering class. At around the same time, I started a 6-month stint as a chocolate apprentice at Undone Chocolate, one of Washington, D.C.’s only (and still its best, IMHO) bean-to-bar chocolate makers.

The more I learned about chocolate, the more I realized I didn’t know. I became absolutely obsessed. Soon I found myself falling down a rabbit hole into the bean-to-bar chocolate underworld. Yes, strange as it sounds, there actually is an entire subculture of chocolate-obsessed people who think and blog about chocolate more than is healthy for well adjusted human beings. Clearly, I’d found my people.

This blog is my way of documenting that journey… and hopefully making some new friends along the way. So please — reach out. Ask me questions. Give me suggestions. Comment on my posts. Correct me when I’m wrong!

And if you want to contact me directly, I’m always available at chocolatedisorderblog@gmail.com.

Keep on nibbling, fellow addicts.